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With malware becoming more stealth and the fines that enterprises face when they suffer a breach from it makes the case for installing endpoint detection and response systems even more vital than it was in the past. Without the right defenses executed there is not only the risk of a significant cyber attack, but also fines and suits that can be extremely damaging to a company. If a business believes that it is immune to cyber attacks then they are being arrogant and ignorant. The cyber bad guys out there are making their attacks practically undetected these days.

Severe Malware Risk Now Evading Detection

Embedding a secret message into something unforeseen is called steganography and is not something brand-new that has arrived with the Web. In the 1600’s, Gaspar Schott created a book which discussed how a secret message could be hidden in a musical score which could be decrypted by those that understood about it. The technique used was the notes on the score would correspond to a letter of the alphabet and for that reason the message could be checked out.

This practice has some distressing ramifications as it offers a practically sure-fire way of concealing information that should not exist. Cyber crooks have actually been using steganography for a number of years now. It was reported in a Federal Plan Cyber Security which was published by the National Science and Technology Council in 2006, that steganography represents an especially sneaky method for terrorists to infiltrate U.S. systems.

The report mentioned that these tools are inexpensive and extensive making steganography an enabling technology for the enemies of the United States.

These days cyber security attacks are rampant and hackers are leveraging steganography to carry out attacks that are practically undetectable and really sophisticated. In a paper on the hazards of steganography, it was mentioned that there is momentum gathering in its use amongst cyber bad guys who can utilize the approach to breach networks without detection. The report went on to say that Web based steganography has actually ended up being a lot more advanced and will just become more so in the years to come.

While steganography does present a huge threat it can be mitigated by implementing an endpoint detection and response system. This system will carefully see all areas where a cyber bad guy might gain access and it is recommended that all organizations take this crucial action.

The Penalties Are High For Organizations That Suffer A Malicious Breach

The threat of a steganographic attack should definitely be enough for you to install an endpoint detection and response system however if it isn’t really then the considerable fines that your organization can face for a breach should be. Any company is vulnerable to attacks and fines. As an example of this the Women and Infant Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, needed to pay $150,000 as a result of a cyber attack which saw the info of 12,000 individuals jeopardized. The Modesto Bee specified that the data that the healthcare facility lost consisted of Social Security numbers, dates of birth as well as ultrasound imagery.

The corporate world can also suffer at the hands of a malicious breach. eBay dealt with a lawsuit from a consumer in Louisiana after they were infiltrated according to Computerworld. Colin Green, who filed the lawsuit, is not alone in being dissatisfied and represents millions of people who were not delighted that their personal data was exposed when the cyber attack took place at eBay. The prospective fines and law suits make the investment in a tested endpoint detection and response system really rewarding.

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