Charles Leaver – If You Don’t Tighten Up Your Information Security Then You Could Face Legal Problems

Written By Charles Leaver CEO Ziften

Many organizations require no reminder that the danger of a cyber attack is extremely genuine and might do some major damage to them; work is going on with the lawmakers to develop data breach notice laws that are more extensive. This highlights that companies truly need to implement more powerful security procedures and safeguard their data from being stolen. Organizations need to take responsibility and create a system that will safeguard them from the risk of cyber attacks, they have to notify their workers, implement cutting edge endpoint detection and response systems, and ensure that any sensitive data on servers is encrypted. The general public have actually ended up being more security aware and they are keeping a careful eye on organizations so this is another reason why every company should safeguard itself from cyber attacks.

There is interest in standardizing the data breach laws even from companies that have actually been infiltrated already. The Hill specifies that there is “a general agreement that federal requirements are required on data breach alerts.” This is important as at the moment a great deal of companies are announcing data breaches without being able to follow a standard process. Without this process there is an incentive for companies to hide the breach or under report the effect that it has actually had so that they can stay competitive.


Stopping A Malicious Infiltration


Organizations can use different methods to preserve the privacy of their data. 5W Public Relations PR Executive, Ronn Torossian, has actually compiled a list of actions that companies can carry out to prevent cyber attacks. The list just has a couple of basic guidelines, and this consists of the implementation of state of the art endpoint detection and response systems. The other bottom lines are the use of encryption and the routine change of passwords. These are certainly an excellent beginning point but what about the latest cyber attack prevention technology?

All companies need to be making use of file encryption, anti malware and anti virus scanning and install a endpoint hazard detection and response software application and a firewall program. This is a really effective mix and will make a network about as protected as is possible. Utilizing a combination of security methods will provide a much higher level of defense than any single security procedure could. This does not mean that any single approach is weak, but different tools perform different security jobs.

The workers of the company ought to be informed to keep modifying passwords which is simply one (however an essential) element of a total security strategy. These passwords need to be strong as well. Using alphanumerics and special characters along with long passwords should be encouraged. Password security is crucial for staff members dealing with delicate data, such as those in the monetary and oil and gas markets, as worker login pages have to be totally protected from hackers. Other security devices such as optical scanners can be installed in safe and secure locations to minimize the chance of an external attack. This is a big decision for companies and choosing the very best way to make everything protected can be challenging and it can even involve experimentation.

Defend Your Infrastructure As Identity Thefts Surge And Malware Infections Out Of Control – Charles Leaver

Charles Leaver Writes:

In a report it was revealed that breaches of consumer data implies that there are more and more identity thefts being performed these days. This is extremely worrying for all of us.

The report was conducted by the National Consumers League and it reveals that in the year 2013, around 33% of consumer data breaches caused identity fraud, and this means that the figure has actually tripled since the year 2010. This worrying rise can be explained by some clear factors. Cyber bad guys are using a lot more sophisticated methods now and there is an absence of cyber attack laws that force companies to reveal when they have had an attack. To make matters worse there are not many companies utilizing endpoint detection and response systems to secure their data. All of this means that we are entering a climate where customers are discovering that their data is constantly under attack by deceitful hackers.

John Breyault, who is a member of the National Consumers League, specified that cyber attack breach legislation like the one operating in California can help with the minimization of breach fall outs by mandating the companies that have been infiltrated to rapidly get the word out.

He went on to state that after a breach prompt notice is needed so that people can perform a “harm analysis” once they learn about a breach. This is everyone’s right and at the moment the kind of issue that would set a notification in motion remains really broad.

Sadly, it is not just identification theft that is under the spotlight. Another report highlighted that malware is now more widespread than it ever was.


Every Third Computer Has A Malware Infection Revealed In A Report


The Anti Phishing Workers Group released a report specifying that malware was likely to be present in up to a third of the computer systems across the world by the last quarter of 2013. This is a considerable increase when compared with the previous quarter says Tech News World. The technical director of a security lab that examines cyber attacks, Luis Corons, said that brand-new malware strains are being developed at a very fast pace and that malware infections could rise even further.

He mentioned that the development of brand-new malware samples has just escalated and it has doubled from the last quarter of 2013 to the first quarter of 2014.

The findings of these two reports highlights that there is no space for complacency in organizations when it pertains to security. Every organization needs to sure up its endpoint detection and response systems or face the fact that a cyber attack is significantly more likely to be coming their way.


Don’t Face Fines For Breaches And Malware Get Defenses Now – Charles Leaver

With malware becoming more stealth and the fines that enterprises face when they suffer a breach from it makes the case for installing endpoint detection and response systems even more vital than it was in the past. Without the right defenses executed there is not only the risk of a significant cyber attack, but also fines and suits that can be extremely damaging to a company. If a business believes that it is immune to cyber attacks then they are being arrogant and ignorant. The cyber bad guys out there are making their attacks practically undetected these days.

Severe Malware Risk Now Evading Detection

Embedding a secret message into something unforeseen is called steganography and is not something brand-new that has arrived with the Web. In the 1600’s, Gaspar Schott created a book which discussed how a secret message could be hidden in a musical score which could be decrypted by those that understood about it. The technique used was the notes on the score would correspond to a letter of the alphabet and for that reason the message could be checked out.

This practice has some distressing ramifications as it offers a practically sure-fire way of concealing information that should not exist. Cyber crooks have actually been using steganography for a number of years now. It was reported in a Federal Plan Cyber Security which was published by the National Science and Technology Council in 2006, that steganography represents an especially sneaky method for terrorists to infiltrate U.S. systems.

The report mentioned that these tools are inexpensive and extensive making steganography an enabling technology for the enemies of the United States.

These days cyber security attacks are rampant and hackers are leveraging steganography to carry out attacks that are practically undetectable and really sophisticated. In a paper on the hazards of steganography, it was mentioned that there is momentum gathering in its use amongst cyber bad guys who can utilize the approach to breach networks without detection. The report went on to say that Web based steganography has actually ended up being a lot more advanced and will just become more so in the years to come.

While steganography does present a huge threat it can be mitigated by implementing an endpoint detection and response system. This system will carefully see all areas where a cyber bad guy might gain access and it is recommended that all organizations take this crucial action.

The Penalties Are High For Organizations That Suffer A Malicious Breach

The threat of a steganographic attack should definitely be enough for you to install an endpoint detection and response system however if it isn’t really then the considerable fines that your organization can face for a breach should be. Any company is vulnerable to attacks and fines. As an example of this the Women and Infant Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, needed to pay $150,000 as a result of a cyber attack which saw the info of 12,000 individuals jeopardized. The Modesto Bee specified that the data that the healthcare facility lost consisted of Social Security numbers, dates of birth as well as ultrasound imagery.

The corporate world can also suffer at the hands of a malicious breach. eBay dealt with a lawsuit from a consumer in Louisiana after they were infiltrated according to Computerworld. Colin Green, who filed the lawsuit, is not alone in being dissatisfied and represents millions of people who were not delighted that their personal data was exposed when the cyber attack took place at eBay. The prospective fines and law suits make the investment in a tested endpoint detection and response system really rewarding.

Hiding Cyber Attacks Is Not Recommended – Charles Leaver

From The Desk Of Charles Leaver

A business suffers a cyber attack. The system administrators learn about the attack, they want to know more about it, they send their IT group to try and stem the attack and recoup lost data. This is what happens after lots of companies have actually been breached, however then business frequently fails to take the next essential step: the proactive notifying of their consumers that they have experienced a cyber attack. There have been many cases where it has been hard to obtain a business to connect to its consumers and it takes a lot more time and threat than it should do.

There is a tendency now that enterprises that have actually been breached just do not wish to tell those that have been affected by the attack– their customers– that the attack occurred according to the Portland Press Herald. The reason that businesses do not want to tell their clients is completely self-centered. They are worried that the reputation of their company will be harmed if they tell the world about the attack so they constantly want to keep this news in house. Both Target and Neiman Marcus did this and waited far too long to inform their consumers that they had been victims of a cyber attack.

It Is Simply Detrimental To Keep Cyber Attack News Away From Your Consumers

It is totally irresponsible to hold back on telling your customers about a cyber attack and it can likewise work against you. If there is a long gap between the attack taking place and businesses admitting that it took place then it can appear that the business is being dishonest and is not proficient enough to safeguard consumer data. In spite of this, companies that have actually experienced an attack continue to withhold this information from their clients. JP Morgan Chase was an example where there was a delay of around four months before they told their clients that they had actually suffered a significant cyber attack. U.S. Public Interest Research Group consumer program director, Ed Mierzwinski, said there is a great deal of work to do when it pertains to informing customers that a breach has actually taken place.

He stated that clearing your name was a “pain in the neck”. He likewise stated that it takes a lot of time and the company does not make money for doing this.

In spite of the time and effort involved, it is necessary that companies adopt a full recovery procedure and that they inform their consumers about the cyber attack every step of the way. If the idea of telling your customers that you have been breached does not appeal then you can prevent attacks from occurring in the first place. If a stringent endpoint detection and response system is installed then a business can safeguard their network and make sure that they will not be subject to a cyber attack and put their consumer data at risk.


You Need Endpoint Detection And Response In Your Business Or The Losses Could Be Huge – Charles Leaver

Written By Ziften CEO Charles Leaver

Companies should be taking every possible action to secure their computer network with the present danger of cyber security attacks and it is intriguing that they are refraining from doing this. Their data is important to them however they are taking no action. Posting for bobsguide, guest poster Torgny Gunnarsson– who operates a business that provide data solutions – made the point that at a time when all businesses are always trying to take advantage of new technology, they appear to be reluctant to put the defensive measures in place, such as endpoint detection and response. While it is good that businesses are utilizing the current technology, they are at the same time ending up being susceptible to a new world of risks that include information loss, breaches of passwords and ransomware.

A few of these companies might not really understand the risk of cyber security and virtual crime, after they are hit with this problem there will be a variety of consequences to this. Gunnarson references attacks on Target and Adobe in his post and comments that these were examples of shortfalls in security which led to big financial losses. With the Adobe attack there was a loss of 38 million users. Alerting 38 million users about this would definitely come at a high price states Data Breach Insurance, then there are the expenses of recovering the situation as well as that. Reuters stated that Target needed to pay more than $60 million as a result of the information breach, and also suffered with a loss of business as a result of the cyber attack.

You would believe that these kinds of high profile losses would have all businesses rushing out to safeguard themselves with an endpoint detection and response system and take other measures that they could to prevent cyber crime. However the reality is different and many companies think that there is no way that their infrastructure will ever be under attack. This is a very risky strategy and very short sighted in this present environment of cyber attacks.

Secure Your Company Now With These Actions

It is an overwhelming possibility to believe that there are a variety of cyber wrongdoers who want to access your information. You do not have to be the next victim of this just because there are a lot of hackers out there. By taking these steps listed below you will make a substantial impact on keeping hackers far from your infrastructure:

1. You need to implement an endpoint detection and response system. Absolutely nothing else is more important when it concerns protecting your business from a cyber attack. When you install enterprise endpoints you will have the comfort that there will be no attempted attacks on your network without you knowing it.

2. You have to make certain all of your workers know the risk of cyber security. Don’t just leave it to your IT team to be up to date with the most recent cyber security hazards. You must comprehend that a cyber attack can be launched from anywhere in the world and these hackers can target any business. When you keep your employees up to speed about these cyber threats you add another level of defense by making sure that workers practice safe computing and do everything that they can to keep the hackers out.

3. You need to constantly keep an eye on security. It should be a leading concern to take care of your cyber security so ensure that it is. Be sure that your endpoint detection software application is up to date and put cyber security on the program at every conference. There is no place for complacency with cyber security.


Making Our Company Fearless – Charles Leaver

Ziften Technologies are based in Austin, Texas, and Charles Leaver is the CEO.

This video from the Commonwealth Club includes Steve Blank and he discusses how it is possible to develop a fantastic business step by step.

There is no doubt that Steve is an intelligent man and his funny bone is good. His business insights are extremely valued and there are numerous points that he made that I agree with:

He remarked in the video that “there is absolutely nothing that you can find out inside your own office so you have to leave it!” Steve claimed that this was a lesson that business in Silicon Valley needed to learn the hard way. Now at Ziften we make sure that we visit our potential customers and clients on a weekly basis. Our company is young but the essential execs and I know that we have to understand and be sensible about the market and reflect this in our company design. When we know exactly what the marketplace needs we can actually include worth.

We constantly put our customers first and continue to listen to them. In the video Steve discusses how tough it is for business owners to listen to their customers instead of trying to force their perspective on the marketplace. What we also do at Ziften is to encourage our individuals to listen before speaking. When we are speaking with our prospects and customers we need to comprehend that they care a lot more about how we can solve their issues rather than pay attention to how clever we are.

Steve makes another interesting point in the video when he speaks about how development is perceived in the United States compared to the remainder of the world. The thinking in the U.S.A is right when it pertains to our attitudes to failing. Any person is encouraged to learn from failure, and these will turn these individuals into skilled executives who can really affect and include a lot of worth to a new business. It is necessary that there ought to be no fear of failure due to the fact that this will stifle innovation.

I constantly persuade individuals that work for us to take risks without any fear of a comeback. I strongly believe that this is forging us closer to our goal of closing the space between enterprise customer security and security technology and we are arriving quickly. This is a substantial change and we are actually close to our goal.

Charles Leaver