The Lightweight Ziften Agent Will Tell You Where Your IT Endpoint Is Hurting – Charles Leaver

Written By Dr Al Hartmann And Presented By Charles Leaver

It would be excellent if your IT client endpoints could inform you that they are sick instead of receiving undesirable calls from dissatisfied IT users wouldn’t it? But the truth is that IT clients can not tell you when there is something amiss. Many IT individuals may disagree with the need for situational awareness, however you really require this with your endpoints. The Ziften solution makes this OKAY by:

With Ziften there is a minimalist driverless agent. This differs from standard systems management or security agents and the Ziften package is extremely light-weight (around 1-2MB MSI package). But don’t let the small size fool you, it will offer performance management headroom and effectiveness to achieve more on IT endpoints, which will keep the users happy and working. The Ziften agent can be compared with light beer, “Great taste, less filling.”

Also the Ziften agent monitors and reports on other agents that are deployed if there is excessive disturbance with foreground tasks.

With the Ziften agent you will receive other advantages that an agentless method can not compare to. It can:

Supply real time response to dynamic events on the endpoint. If an agent is not present then periodic polling is needed, which means that endpoint events are reported in a cadence after they have occurred and not in real time.

The Ziften agent can adaptively throttle interfering procedures. As an example, if a backup program is causing extreme disturbance with user productivity, the backup program can be slowed down in favor of user efficiency.

It will alert on the failures of crucial services such as anti-viruses, backup, firewall programs and systems management. It is true that an agentless method might also do this, however it wouldn’t alert in real time so it is not as effective.

The Ziften Agent will alert on serious security incidents that are found at the client endpoint in real time.

It will recognize activity and user existence. With the Ziften agent, user presence can be discovered by watching keyboard and last mouse usage. It will likewise use the window proxy to determine which window is foreground and which remain in the background. With this information, the Ziften agent can determine application licenses really being used throughout the company.

If no agent exists then it is impossible to monitor and control when the endpoint is off the network. The Ziften agent can monitor off network endpoints and report cached observations when the endpoint reconnects. This eliminates off network blind spots in monitoring coverage. Also, the Ziften agent has the ability to enforce policy even while detached.

Minimization of network traffic load between client endpoints and the management server is possible with the Ziften agent. It attains this by abstracting, filtering, and summing up and encoding time series observations.

So with the Ziften agent your endpoint clients can “inform you where it hurts”.


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